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Welcome to the homepage of Verlag für interaktive Medien GbR (V.i.M.).


Dear prospective customer and project partner,
we would like to announce that since May, 1th. 2004 the following company is exclusively responsible for all current tasks and project-work as well as orders of VIM-products (CD-ROMs):


Verlag für interaktive Medien (V.i.M.)

c/o Norbert Hirneisen

science + communication

von Müllenark Str. 19
53179 Bonn

Phone: +49 (0228) 6194930



Please only use this contact address as the former V.i.M.-address in Gaggenau has expired.
Of course, all orders and ongoing project-task will be continued unchanged and handled by our experienced team.



Following CD-ROMs can be ordered:

   Red lists of threatened plants and animals

The Noctuid Moths (Noctuidae) of Central Europe. With 730 species, more than 1.200 images, more than 80 images of living specimens etc. (in english and german)

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First edition of the "Red lists on CD-ROM" mit Stand 30.6.1998. The CD covers more than 1.2 Mio. datasets, of more than 2.300 red lists of animals, plants, plant communities, typs of biotopes, soils, domestic animal races and fruit-varieties. (in english and german)

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The CD-ROM covers national und international Regelwerke in the current Version: FFH-Richtlinie (Anhang IV), EG-Vogelschutzrichtlinie, EG-Artenschutzverordnung, Bundesartenschutzverordnung and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES).

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